Friday Find: Bridesmaid Proposal Swag

by Lauren J Sharkey

Now that you’ve got your list of potential bridesmaids, it’s your turn to pop the question!  We scoured the internet (okay, maybe not the internet – but definitely Etsy!), and have compiled a list of everything you’ll need (from cards to gifts!) to get your girls to say, “I do!”


1. If you know you’re going to be “that bride”, this one’s for you! ($7.00 on Etsy)

Digital print available from Whimsical Stationery on Etsy.

2. For the “basic” bridesmaids in your life. ($18.00 for 6 on Etsy)

Cards by marrygrams on Etsy.

3. For the bridesmaid who’s been there through it all. ($4.00 on Etsy)

Card by PattersonPaper on Etsy.

4. From the bride who’s keeping it real…sort of. ($4.00 on Etsy)

Card by PattersonPaper on Etsy.

5. For the bridesmaid who already knows she’s in the wedding party. ($3.80 on Etsy)

Card by invitesbythisandthat on Etsy.

6. For the bridesmaid who’s always had your back. ($3.59 from


7. For the fancy bridesmaid. ($6.00 from Archer and Olive)


8. For the soon-to-be sister-in-law.  ($3.50 on Etsy)

il_570xN.739488836_l2k1 (1)
Card by invitesbythisandthat on Etsy.

9. For the bridesmaid who’s always been your lucky charm. ($10.75 on Etsy)

Card by PetalandPaperie on Etsy.


When it comes to asking some of your best friends to stand by your side on this special day, sometimes you want more than a card.  Here are some of our favorite bridesmaid proposal gifts!

1. FEATURED FIND: Unique and Personalized Gifts by Greetabl – (Starting at $11.00)

Greetabl pairs gorgeous gift boxes with one-of-a-kind gifts for a truly unique experience!  Choose from whimsical gifts (such as confetti, cabernet lollipops, and sea salt hand creme) to luxurious finery (like bamboo charcoal soap, Stumptown coffee salt, and champagne bears), then add photos and a personalized message.  Greetabl delivers your carefully crafted gift in style!


2. For the bridesmaid who loves bling, place these earrings ($22.00 from Fox Blossom) in wonderfully vintage keepsake boxes ($25.20 on Etsy).

Untitled design (4)

3. For the bridesmaid who’s always there with wisdom and a glass of wine.  ($40.00 for 4 on Etsy)

Glasses by WeddingsbyLeann on Etsy.

4. Pair the wine glasses above with a bottle of your girls’ favorites, and add this custom label! ($16.00 on Etsy)

Labels by ThestoryoftheFall on Etsy.

5. For the bridesmaid who loves to be pampered. ($145.00 for 5 on Etsy)

Gift set by LittleFlowerSoapCo on Etsy.

6. For the bridesmaid who can’t resist a brainteaser.  ($11.75 on Etsy)

Puzzle by ifiwerecards on Etsy.

7. For the bridesmaid who accessorizes.  ($36.00 on Etsy)

Bracelet by RedFernStudio on Etsy.

Also, for the bridesmaid who also happens to be your sister, check out this bangle from the same shop ($30.00 on Etsy):


8. For the bridesmaid who’s going to need a little extra courage during her speech.  ($8.95 on Etsy)

Flask by FlowertownWeddings on Etsy.

9. For the bridesmaid who has kept all your secrets. ($72.00 for 4 on Etsy)

Necklaces by LeBijouAntique on Etsy.

10. From the DIY bride who wants to add a personal touch to her a special gift for her bridesmaids to be! ($15.00 for instant download labels on Etsy)

il_570xN.923616670_fug7 (1)
Labels by PaperRamma on Etsy.


Popping the question to your girls might seem like a daunting task, but perhaps these suggestions will take off the pressure!

1. Ask her/them to dinner.


Food makes everything better.  Invite your bestie, or your whole crew, to a favorite restaurant (or somewhere that has sentimental value to you) to take the edge off.  Treat it like a regular get-together, and then ask her/them to be in your bridal party when you feel more comfortable.  Ordering a cocktail beforehand might help too! 😉

2. Enjoy a Spa Day

635904091518814844-1347510464_pamper you

Nothing takes stress away like a massage.  Ask your gal pals to a spa day and pop the question once your masseuse has gotten the tension out of your body!

3. Host a Movie Night


Ask your girls to stand by your side over popcorn, romcoms, and some candy.

4. Listen to your inner-Elle (Elle Woods, that is!)


A good manicure can brighten the darkest of days.  Whether you go alone beforehand, or bring your BFFs along, one thing is for sure – mani/pedi dates can be the perfect backdrop for asking the big question!

 Good luck popping the question!

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