How To: Choose a Color Palette

by Lauren J Sharkey

Whether you’re looking to utilize color as a theme for your wedding or just need to decide what shade of blue to put your bridesmaids in, choosing a color palette can be a daunting task.  Worry not – I’ve got you covered (as per usual).

1. Go with your gut

If you already have a favorite color (mine is purple), feel free to use it!  Don’t think that just it’s because your wedding you have to base your color choice on season, what’s in, or anything like that.  It’s your day – if you love green then go with it!

2. Tis the Season

By now, you should have already selected a wedding date.  If you are having trouble narrowing down your choices, seasonal color palettes are a great way to start.  For winter, you could go with a cranberry and gold color scheme, or navy and silver.  Summer wedding – opt for aqua and orange, or maybe coral.

Color palette


3. Consult the experts

The Perfect Palette and are great websites for color palette inspiration. will also provide you with different hues of your selected color so you can get an idea of what complimentary shades to select for invitations, flowers, etc.

Perfect PAlette



Make sure to check back on Friday for my favorite color palettes on Friday Finds!

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