Best Of: Lawn Games

by Lauren J Sharkey

Outdoor weddings are always trending when it comes to weddings. But if you’re looking to kick your nuptials up a knot, why not think about adding some of these fun lawn games to the festivities?  

1. DIY Jumbo Jenga by Follow Eric

If you’re handy, this DIY Jenga set may be the project for you!  If you like, you can even have your guests sign these jumbo Jenga pieces for an unconventional guest book you’re sure to use over and over again.


2. DIY Yard Yahtzee by Momtastic

While I’m not sure what the rules of Yahtzee are, I know it’s a fun thing to shout out!


3. DIY Backyard Game: Four-in-a-Row by Home Depot

This classic will have children and adults lining up to play.


4. Giant Yard Twister Board by Instructables

Watch your guests get tangled with a giant Twister board – the pictures are sure to be hilarious!


5. Personalized Wedding Cornhole Board Set ( $180.00 from PrimitivePaintings)

Definitely didn’t know these were cornholing boards – we totally thought this was just called a bean bag toss!


PRO TIP:  Make your own boards and buy decals.

6. Rustic Ring Toss ($80.00 from RefunkedJunkies)

You can always count on this classic for some backyard fun.


7. Horseshoes with Sign and Basket ($45.00 from Lovebird Weddings)


8. Croquet with Basket and Sign ($55.00 from Lovebird Weddings)

croquet1 (1).jpg

9. Hula Hoops

So much better than a limbo pole, that’s for sure!

Photo credit:  Tulle and Chantilly

10. Potato Sack Races

Let your guests’ inner children come out to play!

Photo credit: Inked Weddings

11. Bowling

Seriously, who wouldn’t want to do this?

Photo credit:  Pinterest

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