Friday Find: Outdoor Wedding Edition

Having an outdoor wedding, while beautiful, is also a battle against the elements.  As Maid of Honor, bring the following suggestions to your bride to put her mind at ease.

1. Veil Weights

Keep your veil in place with these discreet and elegant veil weights.


$15.38 from Amazon
$49.95 from Save the Veil
DIY from Happily Ever After, Etc.

2. Dress Weights – $8.99 from Amazon

Keep your bridesmaids’ dresses from blowing up by sewing some weights into the hem of the dress!


3. Solemates – $10.00

Prevent your heels from sinking into the grass during the ceremony (or during pictures) by sticking these on the bottom of your heels.


4. Functional Favors

Can include sunglasses, program fans, water bottles, and face mist!

Untitled design (1)


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