Friday Find: Bridal Shower Edition

by Lauren J Sharkey

Now that you’ve begun the bridal shower planning, it’s time to have a little fun!  We’ve got everything you need to make this day special and memorable for all involved:


Whether you’re planning a small brunch or are classing it up with high-tea, our Pinterest board has the perfect invitation for any theme.



If your bride is into games, she’ll definitely love some of these ideas.  Our favorite is “Guess Who” where each guest writes a memory they share with the bride and the bride guesses who’s who!



No shower is complete without delicious treats! Yogurt bars are all the rage right now, but we still love a good cookie 🙂



Mimosa bar?  Say no more – we’re there!



While we love all these bridal shower favors, our favorite has to be the Kisses Keepsake.  Each guest puckers up on a canvas that’s framed for the bride to keep and remember the day.



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