Friday Find: Bachelorette Party Edition

You’ve planned an awesome bachelorette party, now it’s time to put on the finishing touches with some swag.  We’ve compiled a list of great finds that are sure to make your night fun and unforgettable!

1. Bachelorette Bingo ($5.64 from BooBeanDesign)

What’s more fun – doing all these things, or getting pictures of your friends doing all these things? 😉


2. Temporary Tattoos

For the friend who gets lost ($19.00 for 15 from SymbolicImports): 


For squad identification ($16.00 for 7 from FancyThatLoved)


3. Hangover Kit ($18.50 for 10 from AlfandNoop)

Fill these cute bags with aspirin, tissues, mints, and whatever else you think your gals will need to make it through the next morning!

il_570xN.914658649_ijuj (1)

4. Cute T-shirts ($59.48 for 4 from AnythingGoesWeddings)

il_570xN.818682241_jdbe (1)

5. Bachelorette Party Mugshot Signs ($10.00 + from HarvestPaperCo)

Great photo idea!  You could also do before and after shots 🙂


Enjoy the night out with your girls!



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