Tuesday Trend: Bridesmaid Edition

by Lauren J Sharkey

When it comes to bridesmaids, our minds tend to go to fluffy pink dresses we hope never to wear again.  But as weddings evolve, we’re seeing more and more non-traditional garb for the ladies in waiting.  This year’s biggest trends for bridesmaids are suits, separates, and mismatched color palettes!


Pant suits are taking bridal parties by storm! One thing is for sure, your ladies will feel comfortable, chic, and stylish if you choose to go with this trend.

Pant suites


More and more brides are opting to have their bridal party in separates.  Your bridal party will be able to dance freely, and actually wear their dresses again.

Separates (1)


Different styles of the same dress, ombre color palettes, and just completely different dresses are what’s in for this wedding season.


Be sure to tell us what you think about these trends in the comments below!  Check out more bridesmaid style inspiration here!


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